2017 Trends

2017 Trends That You Should Try

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Around this time of the year, people usually say that time flies. And even though this year is coming to an end, it is not too late to try these fashion trends that rule throughout the year. Anyone can rock any look that they wish to put on, for example, if you do not like to follow what is viral, you can still try these out by making it your own. Mix and match the style with your own to make it yours.

Colorful socks

socksThe first look that we have a lot of celebrities rocking all year is colorful socks. If minimalist black socks were on trend last year, this year is the total opposite. From rappers, singers, actress, actors, to models on the magazine have worn it. All you need to do is to grab a pair or two that is not monochrome or plain, pick a pattern that you like. There is no rule to what you can wear with it, as long as you wear the fashion with confidence you are good to go.

Tuck everything in

Apparently, messy look is not a thing anymore this year. If you noticed, all the fashionable people around you and in the social media have been doing this. Whatever it is you wear, tuck it in. Whether it’s a formal shirt, polo, T-shirt, tank top, and any top you should tuck in. This style creates a nerdy clean look that makes you look presentable and cool.

Natural look

beautifulThere is a moment where heavy makeup is viral, and that is last year. This year it’s all about a natural dewy look that people are in too. So you should focus more on skin care and take care of your natural beauty, while the makeup can be an icing on a cake where a little goes a long way. On another note, this is a good thing because a good skin is a long-term investment that makes you might thank yourself for later when you are old.

Septum piercing

girlThe last one is septum piercing, and many other piercings in general depend on what you are into. Septum piercing is the most popular in 2017 because it compliments a lot of people’s faces and turns out body modification is becoming more and more tolerable. This trend is a good piercing if you are not sure about long-term commitment because unlike tattoos your piercing can heal quickly so you can get rid of it whenever you don’t want it anymore. Not to mention that the scar will not be visible, so no one needs to know that you tried it once.