Sometimes you have this items that you no longer use or you are bored using. A watch might be among them. For everything you sell, you must get good returns because you also spend some amount in purchasing.

Read on to find out how to sell your used watch and make good money

Ensure that the watch is in good condition

watchCustomers always want item in good condition. Because your watch is used, it does not mean you put it in bad condition. First of all the watch must be clean. It should not be dusty or covered by other dirt substances. If your watch is slightly damaged, getting a customer will be easy. But if it is suffering huge damages, you should consider making some polishing to get a good customer. It is at this point you should make a decision and calculate the cost of polishing minus the selling price. If you are not making any profits, then reconsider the selling decision.

Original packaging material

It will be good for you if you still have the original papers used in wrapping the watch. This assures the customer of the watch brand. If you are selling the watch to a private customer, the packaging means a lot to them, but if you selling to dealers, do not worry much about the packaging.

Advertise on social media

appThe media today has made everything possible. You can take a photo of your watch, then post it to your social media pages like Facebook, Instagram. You can ask your friends to share the post on their sites for a better reach. Do not forget to include your contacts or just provide a means a willing customer can get you. Answer all questions asked regarding the watch. When answering the questions observe high degree of honesty otherwise you will lose possible buyers.

Types of sell

When it comes to selling second hand stuff, a customer can choose among several options. You can from

  • Private sell- this is where you see the watch to a person you know. This can be a friend, relative or a workmate.
  • Auction- we have a number of trusted auction who can sell your watch. With auction, you will get the best price because the customer base is huge.
  • Dealers- this is an easy and safe way to sell a watch, only that the returns are a bit low. The dealer purchases the watch for resale, so it makes sense that he will buy it at a cheaper price.