Various Types Of Board Sports

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Sports games allow an individual to keep fit, exercise and overall be healthy. There are various sports one can engage in to achieve this results. One sport that has gained popularity and comes in different forms and practiced in various environments is the board sports. They are various types of board sports available for word to choose from. That will allow and individual to exercise, have fun and enjoy themselves.

Various Board Sports

Water Boards

Surfing – This is the most popular board game, loved and practiced by many. The sport is a surface water sport and involves an individual being carried by a breaking wave. Either on the forward of the moving wave or deep face in the wave. The wave suitable for this sport is found in tBoard Sportshe ocean.

Windsurfing is also referred to as sailboarding – It is also a surface water sport that involves the rider riding on a small meter board usually 2.5 to 3 meters long powered by the wind on a sail. The sail is attached to the board by a flexible rotating joint.

Kitesurfing also called kiteboarding – This is another form of surface water sport that involves the participant riding on a board that is powered by the wind with a large power kite that enables the rider to propel across the water surface.

Wakeboarding – In this sport, the rider is towed behind a motorboat, a water craft or cable skiing system. It is also a type of surface water sport. The board used in this sport has features of a shoe like binding mounted onto it.

Paved Surface

Skateboarding – This type of board sport uses a board that is attached to wheels. The rider propels themselves forward and performs various kinds of trick as they ride it. Skateboarding can also be regarded as a recreational activity and a method of transport.

Freestyle scootering – This form of sport involves the rider using scooters that are human-powered to push the rider forward. Scooters features include having a handlebar, deck, and wheels.

Caster board – This type of boarding involves riding on a board that is a split deck board and connected by a bar which consists of a metallic beam. One wheel is mounted on each deck, enabling each wheel to steer independently.

Snow And Sand

Board SportsFinally, we have boards made to be used on the snow and sand. Snowboarding uses boards that the features are specially made to be used on snow. Likewise, for sandboarding, the boards are specially made to be used on sand dunes surfaces.

With a variety of board sports available to choose from one only need to decide on which sport they would want to venture into. One also needs to purchase the right board for the particular sport.